Welcome to Woodman reward points offer.

Buy, Earn, Redeem & Repeat!


Buy any Android Stereo

Neo Stereo- 300 Points

BigB Stereo-500 Points

BigB Comfort- 500 Points

BigB Gold- 500 Points


Earn Reward Points

After delivery share installation & review video and points will be credited to your account.


Value of 1 point to redeem

1 Point = 1 Rupee i.e. you can use that points to buy other products like additional warranty, accessories, or any other product.


Points validity time

Points will be valid for 90 days from the date they were credited.


How to earn more coins

You can earn points by various ways like, sharing your order on Facebook, Referrals, etc. The reward chart would be shared soon.


Can I redeem coins for cash?

No, points cannot be redeemed for cash or equivalents. They can only be used for purchases on hiwoodman.com