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LED for Headlights

LED for Fog Lamps

Woodman FlashX

Super White
Farther Visibility
8800 lm
High Brightness
100% Fitting
For all cars
10,000 RPM
In-built Fan

Why Upgrade?

Increased night visibility

Ensuring safer rides

Easy driving in bad weather conditions

High Brightness & sharpness

Why Woodman?

Free Installaion
All over India*
Replacement Warranty
1 Year
*Subject to availability

Car LED Lighting

LED headlights provide a wider and longer beam than traditional headlights. This allows you to see further in the dark. Because they emit a low-intensity light, or halogen lights, they are less likely to blind others.

LED or light-emitting dimming diode lighting is 90% more efficient that incandescent lights. The electricity is passed through a microchip. This illuminates the LED and creates light. The heat is then absorbed in a heat sink

Types of Car Lights and Headlights

The development of car lighting is a significant step forward. The car lighting system has advanced with the automobile. Because of the flexibility of air flames, they used Acetylene lamps in the 1880s.

Vehicles travel at a much higher rate in the 21st century than they did in 1900. We need to improve our visibility.

Types of car lights:

These are the different types of car lights with names and photos:

  1. Headlights:
    1. LED lights
    2. HID lights
    3. Halogen
  2. Driving lamps
  3. Parking lights
  4. Direction-signal lights
  5. Blinker lights
  6. Stoplights
  7. Backup lights
  8. Taillights
  9. Interior lights
  10. Fog lights
  11. Daytime driving lights
  12. Warning or hazard lights

The love one has for cars is unmatched. It’s hard to resist the temptation of buying premium-looking cars with all the technology and features. If you don’t have the budget to purchase a premium car, you can make it look better with premium accessories and imported car lighting. LED car lights, especially those from Audi and BMW, are very popular among young people. They improve the style and offer super clarity on roads.

AutoFurnish has the best collection of car lights that almost any car can use. The brand offers a wide range of car lights that are versatile and bright. The online store offers a wide range of car lights including reflector lights and DRL lights as well as trunk lights, logo lights and fog lights. You can also find headlights that are inspired by luxury cars at an affordable price. The online store has a large selection for all major car brands. This collection will bring new life to your car and make it safer. Nighttime will allow you to see more clearly the road.

Car lights are available in all models. They are made from high quality materials to provide a bright, decisive light for your car trips. These car lights come with a lifetime warranty. Prices vary depending on what the customer is willing to spend.

Modern cars have LED lights that are so popular

Modern cars, motorbikes and scooters are increasingly using LED lights. LED lights are being used more often than ever for headlamps. They also work well as daytime running lights and taillights. While LED lights were once only available for high-end vehicles, many lower-priced cars now have them.

LED penetration in the automotive lighting market has been increasing rapidly. TrendForce’s study found that LED penetration in the global passenger vehicle segment reached 53.1 percent in 2020. This figure is expected to rise to 60 per cent by 2021. The penetration rate of LEDs in electric cars was 85% in 2020 and will likely reach 90 percent in 2021.

Both auto manufacturers and consumers love LED lights for many reasons. These are some of the reasons LEDs are becoming more popular in automobiles.

1.Brighter illumination

LEDs are brighter than halogen counterparts, and can often be found in larger patterns. Vehicles with brighter illumination have better visibility in the dark, and there are fewer mishaps.

2. LED consume less energy

LED lights use less energy than halogen ones. This reduces the pressure on the vehicle’s battery and prolongs its life.

3.Whiter illumination

LED lights offer brighter and whiter illumination than traditional halogen lamps, which can produce yellowish light. This is a popular choice for many people.

4.Lower heat generation

LED lights produce less heat than halogen lamps. This is why LED lights are becoming more popular in the automotive industry.

5.Smaller in size

While LEDs are smaller than halogen lamps, they provide better illumination. LEDs also allow for more design freedom when used with headlamps or other automotive lighting.

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