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Woodman Android Car Stereo vs Pioneer Car Stereo Vs Sony Car Stereo

android car stereo car music player

Just like android phones, android car stereo have become so much popular. Android car stereo has become popular for their ability to works as a standalone system. Whereas, Android Auto faces disadvantage as it cannot be all main features like, apps and voice commands cannot be used without connecting them to Android phones.

Woodman is an Indian brand dealing in android car stereos and other car accessories. Here are some features that make Woodman car stereo better than Pioneer or Sony Car stereo.

Why is the Woodman Android car stereo better than the Pioneer or Sony Android Stereo?

➥ Online & Offline Maps

Woodman Android stereo comes with both online and offline maps, thus, allowing right guidance and navigation in each aspect. However in Pioneer and Sony maps can only works with Android Auto when connected to phone.

➥ Low Pricing

With high number of features Woodman offers systems with value comparatively to other brands like Pioneer and Sony which offers limited basic features as comparatively to Woodman’s.

android car stereo car music player
android car stereo car music player

Advanced Features

Woodman car stereo has many in-built advanced features in contrast with Sony or Pioneer android systems like in-built GPS, Compass & Wi-Fi which allows GPS Navigation & internet access in the car stereo system.


Woodman car stereo comes with 2 GB- 4 GB RAM and 16 GB- 32 GB ROM (in different models), however, Pioneer or Sony music system has no such feature. 

➥ Wider Display Screen

Woodman car stereo comes with 9”-10” wide display screen while in contrast with Sony or Pioneer with screen display of 7” and 8” respectively.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno android car stereo car music player

Installation Service

Woodman provides installation all over India in 200+ cities, whereas other brands do not provide any installation assistance.

In short, Woodman Android car stereo offers more features in less pricing with Installation & after-sales services and provides value-budget product as compared to Pioneer and Sony. Moreover, you get the amazing support from the team regarding any issues even after the installation!

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