Innova Hycross 2023 Android Music Player

Music System For
Toyota Innova Hycross
Screen Size: 9 inches

Top Features

GPS with Navigation
HD IPS 2.5D Display
Android with PlayStore
Youtube & Videos
Bluetooth Calling
Music Streaming

Why Woodman?

No Wire Cutting
Your car's warranty won't get void
Perfect Fitting
Comes with Proper Frame
In 350+ Cities
Customer Support
Within 24 Hrs.

Car Connectivity

All Car Speakers
SubWoofer & Amplifier
Steering Controls
OEM Rear Camera
Connector Required (Contact Sales)
OEM Parking Sensors
Contact Sales
Connector Required (Contact Sales)

Customer Reviews

High Performance Stereos

with Octa-Core Processor

Woodman Mark One 4GB RAM Android Music Player | Inbuilt Dash Camera with 2 Cameras | 1 Year Warranty

  1. Super Fast Maps and Android Stereo
  2. Inbuilt Dash Cam : Comes with Front & Back camera
  3. No Drill/Hole Required to Fit Cameras
  4. Recording Feature : Yes, Use Hard Disk or USB to record (2 camera)
  5. 4GB RAM | 32GB ROM | Octa Core Processor
  6. Socket to Socket Fitting : No Impact on Car Warranty
  7. High BASS 60W DSP Sound
  8. 4G SIM Support & 5ghz Wi-Fi
  9. Wireless : Android Auto & CarPlay
  10. Split Screen : Enjoy Matches & Maps Side by Side
29,999 25% Off