These are Car Wise Android stereo which is different for each car, Please check the title and description of the product for better understanding. You can also contact our chat support.

It has google maps and offline maps navigation, you can download any app from android play store.

This headunit is totally designed according to the original headunit panel, it will fit your vehicle seamlessly and perfectly, no need to hamper the dashboard and no need for any frame.

No, it comes with a coupler to coupler fitting. A coupler is a socket for your car, which connects your car wires with the stereo wires without cutting any wire.

Yes, as in Car generally we run Google Maps, YouTube, Music apps. Also, we don’t do multi-tasking much in a Car stereo while driving. So, don’t compare this 1GB of your mobile, it is more than sufficient.

Yes, it has support steering wheel controls in 90% Cars.

Yes, you can connect any camera with this stereo as it has output for that.

It has Rear view camera, speakers, amplifier, subwoofer connectivity.

We have a network of 35+ installation partners all over India, you can get it installed there, or you can install by your technician.

Installation charges varies from 300-700/-

We offer lifetime technical service and 1 year product warranty for quality assurance.

  • 1 Car Stereo, 1 USB Connector, 1 Mic, Supply Cables
  • Please check if the camera’s line is properly connected to the car radio.
  • Note:The video port of rear camera must insert the “CAMIN” port of car radio.

Please turn off the “Video Warning” function in the settings,then will be OK.

  • Open the phone settings interface, open the Bluetooth in the Bluetooth function, search for Bluetooth devices, find the player’s Bluetooth model to be paired; if you need a pairing code, enter 0000; if not, try 1234 or 123456.
  • Please try to use another mobile phone to test this function.All methods are correct and still cannot use Bluetooth, Please unplug the plug on the back of the player and plug it in after 3 minutes.

Please make ensure your Bluetooth is connected to the same mobile from which you are running the Mirror Link.

Please first open USB Debugging option in your mobile. For this you need to open developer Mode. Click multiple time on Build Number (Available in About Phone). Than open mirror link app TIMA and follow the steps in the video

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