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Difference Between Car Stereo Music System: Woodman BigB Android Stereo & Sony XAV-AX1000

Difference Between Car Stereo Music System: Woodman BigB Android Stereo & Sony XAV-AX1000

Car stereo system has come a long way from the late 1930s till now and has evolved over the time from just AM & FMs to inbuilt navigation systems. They were used just for the purpose of entertainment but now they are known as infotainment, i.e. entertainment with information.

Woodman’s BigB and Sony’s XAV-AX1000, both came under the Rs. 13,000 range, which is the most common range to get hands on a good car music system.

🡺 5 major points to look while choosing the right infotainment car music system for your car:-

➦ Display: In today’s time, every automobile manufacturer is providing a big touch screen display in place of old traditional car music players. From Mercedes to Tesla, all are providing 8-10 inch displays in their cars.

Now moving to Woodman, their BigB models come with a 9-10 inch touch screen (depends upon car tocar model) with IPS display. Whereas, Sony’s XAV-AX1000 is limited to just 6 inches.

➦ Maps & Navigation: The most needful and wanted feature in cars is the navigation system, which comes very handy when going on a long trip or even in cities to choose the shortest route to get to the office or home during traffic hours.

Woodman’s Android music system comes with in-built GPS and pre-installed Google Maps with in-built WiFi for Live navigation. You also get the option to use offline navigation if not using the internet, like Sygic Maps or Navi Maps. Whereas, in Sony you neither have the GPS nor the Maps functionality.

➦ Music & Videos: Car music system is called Infotainment, i.e. Information + Entertainment. What good is your car infotainment system if it cannot entertain you.

In Woodman, you have the option to play videos from the system;s internal memory of 16 GB or USB and you can also install any music or video app directly from PlayStore as it has WiFi for internet facility. You can install any apps like Netflix, Gaan, Saavn, Hotstar, etc. and Youtube comes pre-installed in the system. Whereas, in Sony you just have the option to play videos via USB or SD-Card.

➦ Calling & Contacts: This is a most used feature we all are looking for with safety first in concern while driving. Car music systems with Bluetoothhas facilitate hands-free calling while driving and making it safer.

In both, Woodman and Sony Bluetooth calling comes handy. But if you are looking for more than that, Woodman comes with contacts sync in which you can download contacts directly in the system and comes with a call dialer.

➦ Fitting and connection: Looks come from the fitting the car music system provides. Woodman car music system comes with a car-specific fitting frame and connector that doesn’t require any wire cutting. Whereas Sony’s system does not come with any car-specific fittings and connectors.

With the changing times and today’s needs it is much required to upgrade your car with the righ infotainment system.needs These 5 points will help you out in choosing the right car stereo system between Woodman and Sony.

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