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Android Car Stereo

Upgrading the car music system is a common practice that car owners tend to follow. After all, music systems are one of the most important components of a car. All the music lovers and people who spend a lot of time travelling in their cars want their cars to look as good as possible and have the best music experience in their cars as well. To improve the look & feel of your car and have the best music experience, you should prefer installing an android car stereo. This will enhance the overall music experience as well as your car interior.

What is Android Car Stereo?

Android car stereo is a touch screen car music player, which is based on the Android platform and comes with Google play store. The Android car stereo has an access to all the android applications that are available for the android mobile phones and tablets. With this you get access to all such applications on your way as well so that you don’t miss on entertainment while travelling.

Let’s check a list of best android car stereo head units available in India.

Top 10 Woodman Android Car Stereos in India 

Best Android Car Stereos Screen Size RAM/ROM Android
Woodman ROBO-X Android Stereo Voice Commands (2GB/16GB) 9” – 10” 2 GB/16 GB Android 9
Woodman BigB 2.0 Pro Android Car Music System 9” – 10” 2 GB/16 GB Android 9
Woodman ROBO-X Android Stereo Voice Commands (2GB/32GB) 9” – 10” 2 GB/32 GB Android 9
Woodman BigB Limited Edition Android Car Stereo 9” – 10” 2 GB/16 GB Android 9
Woodman Xtreme3.0 QLED Display | 4G Sim Slot (4GB/64GB) 9” – 10” 4 GB/64 GB Android 10
Woodman Robo-X DSP Android Stereo with Voice Commands (2GB/32GB) 9” – 10” 2 GB/32 GB Android 10
Woodman Neo5 – 7 inch Android Car Stereo (2GB /16GB) 7” 2 GB/16 GB Android 9
Woodman Neo7 – 7 inch Android Car Stereo (2GB /16GB) with Steering Wheel Remote | Rear Camera 7” 2 GB/16 GB Android 9
Woodman Xtreme3.0 (360 Camera Kit) QLED | 4G Sim (4GB/64GB) 9” – 10” 4 GB/64 GB Android 10
Woodman Xtreme3.0 QLED Display| 4G Sim Slot (6GB/128GB) 9” – 10” 6 GB/128 GB Android 10

About Woodman

Woodman is an Indian consumer electronics manufacturer, which started its operations from manufacturing car speakers in 2001. Woodman is headquartered in New Delhi, India and provides various car stereo units ranging from Car play enabled or Android Auto car stereo, bluetooth car stereo, android car player and more. Not only this, Woodman also manufactures component speakers, subwoofers, bass tube, dash camera, rear parking camera, steering controls & more. The company also has installation partners across 400 cities in India, which enables the company to provide hassle free installation and after-sales service.

Why Should you Buy Android Car Stereo?

If you are someone who spend a lot of time of their day travelling via your car and get bored with the same playlist playing through your bluetooth car stereo, then android car stereo is the best option available in the market today. Android car player is not a normal stereo, but an infotainment system, which enables you to interact with the system and use it as an android tablet on your dashboard.

Earlier most of the people used to opt for bluetooth car stereo units. But, nowadays people opt for android car players as for the cost, they get an android enabled infotainment system, which supports all the applications available on google play store like Youtube, Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Spotify, Apple Music and much more. This gets them access to a variety of content in their car itself so that they don’t miss on anything while they are travelling to or back from their work.

Where Should you Buy Android Car Stereos in India?

You can buy Woodman android car stereo online in India from the convenience of your home at You can visit Woodman ( official website to check, compare and buy best Android car stereo available in India. You can buy car stereo system online and enhance the overall car experience. Not only this, buy the best android car audio system and get access to latest android firmware, google play store and several android applications like Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music & much more. Check Woodman’s official website and buy the best android car stereo online at lucrative prices in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Android car stereo different from Android Auto?

Android car stereo is a touch screen car player, which comes loaded with Android firmware and supports all the google services and apps available on the app store.

While on the other hand, car players with android auto and carplay comes with smartphone integration. You can connect your smart phone with the player using the charging cable. Once plugged in, you can make calls, check messages and navigate using your android car stereo.

Which stereo is best for car?

The 10 best android car stereo players are:

How do I choose a car stereo?

You should consider the following factors to choose the best android car stereo available in the market:

  • Check if your car supports a single din or double din car player
  • Vehicle specific panel for best fit
  • Display size that fits best for your vehicle
  • Make sure that your android car music system supports all the OEM integrated options
  • Ensure your android car player supports the steering wheel controls and rear parking camera
  • Check if the player supports android car player or comes with smartphone integration and android auto/carplay enabled
  • Check if the android car player is enabled with equaliser
  • Check if the android car player supports in dash GPS navigation

Can I put a touch screen car stereo in my car?

Yes, you can opt for a touch screen car player. But, before that you should always check if your car supports single din car player or double din car player. Not only this, make sure that you check which screen size will be the best fit for your car.

How do I know if my car stereo is single or double DIN?

You can check if your car stereo is single DIN or double DIN by measuring the same. If your bluetooth car system measures roughly 7 inches long by 2 inches tall, then it’s a single DIN head unit, and you can replace the same with a single DIN head unit only. If your car stereo measures roughly 7 inches long by 4 inches tall, then it’s double DIN and you can replace it with any double DIN music player or android car player as well.

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