Woodman Affiliate Terms & Conditions

  1. Only Woodman Customer are allowed to enrol in this program
  2. General commissions are
    1. 500 INR On product value between 5,000/- to 10,000/-
    2. 800 -1000 INR on product value above 10,000/-
  3. Currently there are no Ranks of Affiliates. All have similar ranks. Company may introduce them in near Future
  4. There is no MLM allowed for now. This will also be introduced in near future
  5. Commissions will be processed on 15th & 30th of Every month. These dates can be different for every affiliates as communicated.
  6. Affiliate can report the orders not tracked to Woodman
  7. Woodman holds the right to reject or accept any order as an affiliate order
  8. Woodman Affiliates not allowed to promote competitors product in the category of Car Stereo . If we found so, we have the right to suspend all the commissions and suspend that affiliate and its associated affiliate accounts.
  9. An e-agreement will be signed between Woodman and it’s affiliate once we receive the 5 orders from the affiliate
  10.  Affiliate are provided with there own platform to track the performance. Tutorials will be shared soon for the same.
  11. We never disclose the identity of our Affiliate to the customers.
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