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5 tips to take care of your car during 21 days lockdown due to Coronavirus/ COVID-19

coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus/ COVID-19 lockdown of 21 days has not just affected human life but also the health of our cars and 2-wheelers as no vehicles other than emergency vehicles are allowed to go out. There are many adverse effects on our vehicles if parked at one spot for a long time. It just not affect its mechanical & running parts but also Car interiors and exterior Accessories or body and non-moving parts.

➥ So Follow these 5 Pro-Tips to protect your car health during Lockdown :

1.) Start Engine once in 3-4 days


Since, it’s a long 21 days to keep your car sit idle. So, start and keep engine running idle for 1-2 minutes and give accelerator a little push to 1500 RPM. This will also protect your car’s battery going down and keep battery and engine both healthy.

Care of car in Covid-19
Care of car in Covid-19

2.) Move car 2-4 feet


If car parked at one spot for a long time will put pressure weight at one spot on car’s tyres and can result in flat-spots. Make sure car’s tyres has proper air pressure as keeping them inflated help prevent cracking of the sidewalls and flat spots. So, move your car 2-3 feet forward or backward every 3-4 days.

3.) Clean your car regularly


Clean your car from outside regularly as dust accumulation will harm the paint of the car. If car is parked outside without cover & required, then clean the car with shampoo in 10 days. This will help maintain the shine of the paint and will protect windscreen too.

Care of car in Covid-19
Care of car in Covid-19

4.) Avoid engaging parking brakes for long


If car is parked for long, then do not put the parking braked on. Use a piece of brick or wood plank and put it front/ back of car tyre that will prevent car rolling. If parking brakes are engaged for long, they may result in jamming of parking brakes.

5.) Keep interior clean


If food leftovers are left in the car they will create foul smell inside the car and results in bacteria growth. Leftovers may invite rats or small animals that may harm your car’s interior and wirings. Start A\C and fan to top speed starting slowly, so if any dust accumulated may be removed.

Care of car in Covid-19

So, follow these 5 Pro-tips to keep care of your car which keeps it all ready to go when the 21 days Coronavirus lockdown ends and we all can go for a long road trip to celebrate our victory over COVID-19. Cheers! Stay inside, stay safe!

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